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What to Expect with an Urban Air Franchise

Owning an Urban Air franchise can provide you with financial independence as well as purpose. When you open one of our adventure parks, you’ll be giving children a safe place to have fun, exert energy, and socialize with their peers. Though our team will be here to guide and support you, your earning potential will ultimately be up to you and the work you put into your business.

To give you a glimpse into what you can expect as a trampoline park franchise owner, we’ve included below some information from our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). For a more detailed view of our FDD, please reach out to our team to get started.

Annual Gross Sales of Franchised 2.0 and 2.5 Parks Open the Entire 2023 Fiscal Year

  • Average Gross Sales* 2.0 Parks: $5,254,695
  • Average Gross Sales* 2.5 Parks: $4,381,993
  • Maximum Gross Sale* 2.0 Park: $14,180,181
  • Maximum Gross Sale* 2.5 Park: $7,443,102

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Disclaimer: All financial information presented is for information purposes only and subject to the Urban Air Adventure Parks 2024 franchise disclosure document (the “FDD”). Please refer to Item 19 of the FDD for a complete financial performance representation. This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. Gross Sales,” as used in the FDD, means the dollar aggregate of: (1) the sales price of all products, services, memberships, food, beverages, merchandise and other items sold, and the charges for all services you perform, whether made for cash, on credit or otherwise, without reserve or deduction for inability or failure to collect, including sales and services (A) originating at the franchised business premises even if delivery or performance is made offsite from the franchised business premises (including without limitation sales for access to Attractions within your Adventure after school programs, camps and other services offered to guests of the Adventure Park, food and beverage sales, retail sales and membership fees), (B) placed by mail, facsimile, telephone, the internet and similar means if received or filled at or from the franchised business premises, and (C) that you in the normal and customary course of your operations would credit or attribute to the operation of the franchised business; and (2) all monies, trade value or other things of value that you receive from franchised business operations at, in, or from the franchised business premises that are not expressly excluded from Gross Sales. Gross Sales does not include: (1) the exchange of merchandise between franchised businesses (if you operate multiple franchises) if the exchanges are made solely for the convenient operation of your business and not for the purpose of depriving us of the benefit of a sale that otherwise would have been made at, in, on or from the franchised business premises; (2) returns to shippers, vendors, or manufacturers; (3) sales of fixtures or furniture (excluding the Attractions) after being used in the conduct of the franchised business; (4) the sale of gift certificates, stored value cards and loyalty program benefits (the redemption value will be included in Gross Sales at the time of redemption); (5) insurance proceeds; (6) sales to employees at a discount (provided such discounts will not exceed 1.5% of Gross Sales during any reporting period); (7) cash or credit refunds for transactions included within Gross Sales (limited, however, to the selling price of merchandise returned by the purchaser and accepted by you); (8) the amount of any city, county, state or federal sales, luxury or excise tax on such sales that is both (A) added to the selling price or absorbed therein and (B) paid to the taxing authority; and (9) tips and gratuities. Gross Sales figures does not reflect the cost of sales, operating expenses, rent/real estate or other costs or expenses that must be deducted from the Gross Sales figures to obtain your net income or profit.

Hear Directly From Our Owners

  • “I'm a father of two [...] and my wife is my best friend and business partner. We have a lot of activity in our lives that just surround movement, and being engaged and active. We are highly participatory in our youth and also in our businesses that we have”

    Cody Herndon | Multi-Unit Franchisee - Waxahachie, TX & Tulsa, OK
  • “Urban Air has definitely changed our life. For us, the difference between a corporate job and Urban Air, is relying on a paycheck, or building wealth. That's what we are doing, is build for our future and for our family.”

    Lauren Dukes | Owner & Operator - Cool Springs, TN
  • “Urban Air was the business that we were going to invest in, and the only family entertainment company we wanted to have. [...] At the end of the day, Urban Air was the only place where we wanted to be.”

    Ken Merideth and David Goodman | Investors
  • “Urban Air was the right opportunity for me because when I found out I was having another child I knew I needed to take a step back from the overnight travel I was doing with my previous career and focus more on family. Owning my own business allows me to..”

    Brandy Gilbert | Current Single-Unit Franchisee - Coon Rapids, MN
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Awards and Accolades

  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500 2024
  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500 2023
  • Entrepreneur Top Franchises for Multi-Unit Owners 2023
  • Entrepreneur Franchise 500 2022
  • Fast And Serious
  • Franchise Times Top 5

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