Read about current franchisees and what they love about franchising with Urban Air!

  • Urban Air was the right opportunity for me because when I found out I was having another child I knew I needed to take a step back from the overnight travel I was doing with my previous career and focus more on family. Owning my own business allows me to utilize my strengths and leadership skillset, make my own schedule and work ON the business more than working IN the business. Not to mention it is a Family Entertainment Center so bringing my family to work with me is not only allowed but encouraged!

    - Brandy Gilbert

    Current Single-Unit Franchisee - Coon Rapids, MN
  • I'm a father of two [...] and my wife is my best friend and business partner. We have a lot of activity in our lives that just surround movement, and being engaged and active. We are highly participatory in our youth and also in our businesses that we have. [...] You could open up any business, [...] but are you going to have fun in that business? I know that our experience has been overwhelmingly positive fun. So, fun when we are in the park, fun when we are playing, it's fun when our guests are playing, but it's also fun to be a franchisee as well. 

    - Cody Herndon

    Multi-Unit Franchisee - Waxahachie, TX & Tulsa, OK
  • We were operating one of our businesses in Indianapolis, and because of some other companies that we had relationships with, they started doing business for SkyZone and Altitude. So we did our due diligence, and we actually came to our own conclusion. Even though our existing company wasn't doing business with Urban Air, Urban Air was the business that we were going to invest in, and the only family entertainment company we wanted to have. [...] At the end of the day, Urban Air was the only place where we wanted to be.

    - Ken Merideth and David Goodman

  • After we had our daughter, we decided that we wanted a change, a change in lifestyle. We wanted something where we were independent, but something that was family oriented. [...] I said let's dig in, let's do our due diligence, so we started digging and I started analyzing everything, and looking at the potential, and we saw that it was a real possibility for us. That started to get the ball rolling with corporate! [...] Urban Air has definitely changed our life. For us, the difference between a corporate job and Urban Air, is relying on a paycheck, or building wealth. That's what we are doing, is build for our future and for our family.

    - Lauren Dukes

    Owner & Operator - Cool Springs, TN