Urban Air is More Than Trampolines

Forbes recently sat down with Urban Air Adventure Park CEO Michael Browning, Jr. to learn about the founding story of the business, how data plays such a key role in their decisions, and how the business has evolved over the last year. The result is an in-depth look at the Urban Air model that goes well beyond trampolines.

Browning shares, “We started as a trampoline park. But because of the data that we have, we know customer frequency, wallet share, and dwell time. And as we studied trampoline parks, the data was showing us that being a trampoline park was really a race to the bottom. You were just competing on price. So we started innovating. We started creating our own attractions, getting patents, and getting exclusive distribution rights to the best attractions from all around the world. And we took out 80% of our trampoline footprint and brought in non-trampoline-based attractions. There is a big difference between an Urban Air Adventure Park and a trampoline park with just one other attraction. That’s not really an adventure park.”

When asked about the Urban Air experience, Browning sums it up quite nicely. “I am a big believer in activating all the senses. We say that Urban Air's recipe for success is the combination of our attractions, our lighting, our sound, and our people. And when they all work synergistically together, that is what creates that wow atmosphere and that amazing environment.”

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