BizWomen Profile: Brandy Gilbert, Urban Air Minneapolis

It’s a question we hear often…”How did your business weather the storms of 2020?”
Brandy Gilbert, Urban Air franchisee in Minneapolis, wife, and mom of 2, recently shared some personal truths with BizWomen, including what she described as the “hamster wheel” of pandemic life.

“It would be safe to assume the pandemic forced me to change the way I do things, how I go about my day and brought a new perspective on how to navigate my work and personal life. Well for me, that simply wasn’t the case!” she shares.

“As a franchise owner of Urban Air, an indoor family entertainment park, we were shut down and everything changed in an instant. It didn’t change my response to the pandemic; it just felt like I never really got off the fast-moving hamster wheel that is my life, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything about myself in 2020.”

Excited that “normalcy” seems to be on the upswing, she further shares, “I will never again complain about being too busy, and instead my mindset has shifted to just how full my life is and for that I am grateful.”

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