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Multi-Unit Ownership with Urban Air

After they get their first business up and running, many entrepreneurs get the urge to expand. Many entrepreneurs dive into business ownership with a multi-unit mindset right from the get-go. They’re “all-in” and excited to bring several businesses to market immediately or in the near future. This approach is not surprising considering that adding another business to your portfolio can diversify your revenue streams and put you on the path to higher profits.

Urban Air Adventure Park is a great fit for business owners with aspirations in multi-unit ownership. Whether you open multiple parks or are simply looking to add an Urban Air to your portfolio, our franchise model gives you the freedom and flexibility to build wealth through multiple avenues.

Why Urban Air is great for multi-unit owners

Nearly 50 percent of Urban Air franchise owners own multiple businesses. We have owners with anywhere from 1-10 Urban Air Adventure Parks, and others who include Urban Air as one segment of their business ownership roster. Multi-unit ownership is possible through Urban Air thanks to our robust franchisee support and integrated ownership systems.

We want owners to be hands-on when their parks first open. You’ll be instrumental in guiding the park’s buildout, hiring and training staff and making sure the park runs smoothly. However, over time, Urban Air owners have the ability to step back. The team you put place can run the park in your absence, while you’ll be responsible for higher-level decisions about how your park operates. Data-driven systems and consistent franchise support streamline this process further. This gives our owners time to pursue other business opportunities while still managing their initial park.

If you’re entering Urban Air under our investor pathway or our operator pathway, you’ll also enjoy some of this flexibility. As an investor, you’ll put forth the financial commitment, but a local operator will be the person spending hands-on time in the park. This gives you the freedom to add other businesses to your portfolio!

What should your next business be?

If you decide to pursue additional business opportunities after your Urban Air Adventure Park stabilizes, you have a few choices.

One of the options our franchisees can explore is opening a second Urban Air location. If you have access to the capital required to launch another park, opening a second location could be a no-brainer! You’ll already have the experience of building your first park. You can apply those lessons learned to the new location for a faster and more streamlined process.

Diversification is another popular multi-unit avenue. It’s very common for entrepreneurs to invest in franchise systems that serve similar customers as their first business but offer different products or services. Urban Air’s owners are community-centric, innovative entrepreneurs who love serving families and investing in kids. Launching a similar business that caters to families and active play would allow you to apply your experience across industries.

Urban Air Adventure Park is part of Unleashed Brands, a franchise growth platform founded by Urban Air CEO, Michael Browning. Unleashed Brands has curated a group of franchise systems that are all focused on kids’ engagement and development. Together, we aim to help kids learn, play and grow. Current Urban Air owners interested in multi-unit ownership have ample opportunity to expand by investing in another Unleashed Brands business and owning the kids market.

Snapology, an educational business, teaches STEM and STEAM concepts to kids through fun, interactive activities. The Little Gym gets young children moving through gymnastics-based programs. Premier Martial Arts empowers kids through martial arts classes. Each of these businesses is centered around helping kids have fun, learn new things and develop into healthy adolescents—just like Urban Air! With Unleashed Brands supporting all of these businesses’ franchising platforms, our owners benefit from integrated data, enhanced innovation and stable infrastructure.

There’s a lot to learn about multi-unit franchise ownership. If you’re interested in becoming a multi-unit owner, consider attending the 21st annual Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Las Vegas from March 29 – April 1, 2022. Come prepared to ask questions, learn important tips and tricks and explore franchise options with some of our industry’s leaders!

Are you interested in joining a franchise system for the first time—whether with one location or a few? Contact Urban Air to learn more about our franchise opportunity today.