Child having fun at Urban Air

5 Franchising Myths and How Urban Air Adventure Park Can Bust Them

Urban Air has the opportunity to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of business ownership. But with all the misinformation about franchising out there, we’re here to clear up some of the confusion.

I can’t own a business that I don’t have experience in.

As a family entertainment brand a part of a youth enrichment platform, many people think that we look for franchisees that have experience in entertainment specifically. While sure, that might be a perk to have one foot in that door but on the other foot, we look for individuals that have experience in business, management, sales, marketing, and more. Urban Air franchisees come from all kinds of backgrounds but at their core, they share a love for people, a desire to impact their community, and a passion for making kids feel special and loved.

I don’t have any flexibility with a franchise.

At Urban Air, we know that we have a business model that works, but we also understand that every market, every park, and every kid and their parent that walk through our doors are different. Our franchisees are able to make decisions that impact the events that are held in the park, the way marketing budgets are used, hiring decisions, attraction direction, and the list goes on. Additionally, Urban Air listens to our franchisees. If something isn’t working, we pinpoint the problem, we listen, and we adapt.

Franchising is all work and no play!

We didn’t become the #1 family entertainment brand for no reason! With so many of our franchisees having families of their own, a huge draw to Urban Air franchise ownership is being able to turn it into a family business. “If you come into my park, don’t be surprised to see my four-year-old son making new friends with your kids and chasing one another in the tubes obstacle course, my ten-year-old daughter giving tours, or my husband changing a lightbulb or doing safety inspections. We’re proud of what we have built and love owning and operating this business together as a family,” said one of our franchisees. We make sure that work IS play.

The franchise can function without me.

Picture a garden. You plant the seeds, water them a few times, and then wipe your hands clean and hope for the best. Next season, when you come to see the fruits of your labor, you find nothing but weeds and dirt. Do you see where we’re going with this? Much like a gardener, our franchisees are expected to “water” their franchise. Whether that be by taking the driver’s seat at steering the franchise directly or by taking the passenger seat and hiring an operator to run the everyday operations. Regardless, Urban Air isn’t looking for individuals that simply plant the seeds and wipe their hands. We’re looking for ones willing to get a little dirt under their nails!

Success is guaranteed with a franchise.

Franchise ownership is a great way to be successful since you don’t have to make a lot of guesses, but much like our last point listed above, it takes work. Urban Air helps make it a little easier with our data-driven business model and drive for innovation but our franchisees have to meet us halfway. We do that by making it hard for competitors to keep up and making it easy for our franchisees to understand.

Franchise ownership with Urban Air isn’t a shot in the dark. We make sure our franchisees are set for life. Want to become one? Contact us today.