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Urban Air Understands Our Customers

At Urban Air Adventure Park, we use a data-driven approach to monitor park performance and identify opportunities for continued improvement. In reality, if you don’t understand your customer, how can you best serve them?

Data plays a key role in nearly every decision we make regarding the company, and it’s helped us evolve into the innovative, adaptable business we’ve become. If you’re thinking about opening your very own Urban Air franchise, get to know how the data we collect from customers—in many cases, anonymously—allows us not only to enhance their experiences but also to boost the success of your location.

Urban Air starts gathering visitor data as soon as guests enter the park and lasts until they leave. This gives us important insights into the types of guests that are coming to our parks as well as how they use our facilities. Just a few of the key metrics we measure include:

• How long a person stays to play
• Number of socks sold
• Popular types of food consumed in the café
• Number of active ‘Endless Play’ memberships
• Insight into the most popular attractions
• Number of birthday parties
• Purchases made online vs. in-person
• And much more!

The above data (and more!) about our customers allows us to leverage our insights to make Urban Air more fun for guests and more successful for owners.

Improve your marketing efforts
By getting an inside look at our customers’ likes and dislikes with a wide range of data, including what attractions are most popular, we help you optimize your marketing strategy. We use a marketing platform that’s just as innovative as our parks, helping you better engage with your most loyal customers and reach new ones, too.

Data collection continues in some surprising ways, even when guests are not at the park. By measuring email response and social media engagement, you’re able to tell whether your marketing efforts are making an impact or if they’re missing the mark. Determine your target audience with data collection to create more effective and targeted ads and promotions for the future.

Provide more personalized services
The way we use data greatly impacts the overall experience enjoyed by kids and parents alike at our parks. A great example is our café service. By being able to determine the average dwell time of guests in our parks (which is around three hours), we found that no matter when guests come to the park, they’re coming close to a time when they would be eating.

By further sorting through data regarding what adults and kids love to order, we not only improve the entire experience for our customers, but they also improve sales figures at your location.

Increase customer loyalty and profits
At the end of the day, every business exists to generate revenue. Meeting and exceeding your sales goals is a much harder job when you don’t pay close attention to the overall customer experience. Our data collection process ensures that you get the insights you need from your customers, leading to improved brand loyalty. The number of Endless Play memberships as well as the frequency of birthday parties are direct indicators that you’re doing right by your customers and ensuring experiences that they’ll want to enjoy again and again.

If you’re looking to innovate and inspire in your community, owning an Urban Air Adventure Park may be perfect for you. We’re always adapting, inventing and creating, all while collecting powerful and informative data to ensure our guests are getting exactly what they want from every single visit. We find that constantly seeking to improve the customer experience correlates with a direct improvement in the success of every Urban Air location. Reach out today to learn more about joining the Urban Air team and make a difference in your community as you make a profit!