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5 Traits of Successful Urban Air Owners

Wondering if opening an Urban Air Adventure Park is right for you? While our franchisees come from all walks of life, we’ve found that there are some common threads that unite the adventurous entrepreneurs who open their own Urban Air location.

Here are five of the top qualities we look for in potential owners—the qualities we know are crucial to the success of your new business venture.

1. You’re unique

Our franchisees come from wildly different backgrounds. Some are entrepreneurs before choosing to open their Urban Air location. Some are retired, and some want to keep their current job while also owning a franchise.

Urban Air believes that diversity, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit are the keys to success in any business, and we pride ourselves on creating a business model that’s just as unique as our franchisees and our guests.

2. You’re innovative

When kids walk through our doors for the first time, they instantly realize that they’re in a space that’s different from anywhere else. In fact, our industry was unheard of prior to opening our first location. We took the lead and continue to be the market leader in the indoor adventure park concept. We’ve taken an innovative approach to play, offering a wide variety of next-level attractions that kids can’t find elsewhere.

Our franchisees embrace this spirit of innovation in everything they do—they dare to achieve the impossible and try new things. Urban Air is a disruptive company that’s doing something completely new in the family entertainment space. Our most successful franchisees move quickly, make decisions and make an impact.

3. You’re adaptable

Urban Air is flexible. We’re always looking for what gets kids excited, active and inspired. Since we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, franchisees can expect us to keep creating brand-new, action-packed attractions that kids can’t resist.

Our ideal franchisees are open-minded and open to change because they know it’s how we stay competitive and remain the number-one destination for non-stop family fun.

4. You’re committed to making a difference

Franchisees invest in their very own Urban Air location not simply for financial reasons—they’re also committed to making a difference. We’re on the same page with our franchisees and want to make a big impact that goes beyond the four walls of each location. We believe that investing in the health and happiness of kids always makes a difference.

  • Communities: Whether they’re hosting a community event or a fundraiser at your adventure park, Urban Air franchisees have the unique opportunity to make a difference in their community. They provide a safe, healthy and friendly space that inspires kids to get up and move.
  • Kids: With so many electronic distractions keeping kids on the couch, Urban Air parks make a huge difference in the health and wellbeing of kids. We give kids safe opportunities to engage in active and cooperative play.
  • Families: We give families a fun place to connect and celebrate. Our parks are ideal for kids of all ages, and there’s plenty of fun to be had for adults, too! There’s no better way to get kids excited about family time than a visit to our parks.

5. You’re passionate

Urban Air is a place that’s all about fun, so it’s hard for franchisees to contain their excitement about the work they do. We love partnering with franchisees who embrace a spirit of fun in their everyday lives and want to share it with their entire community. We know that owners play a starring role in the health and happiness of kids in their communities—what’s not to feel passionate about that?

Ready to learn more about investing in your very own Urban Air location? We want to hear from you! Contact us today to discover franchise opportunities in your area and take the first steps toward bringing next-level play to your community.