Urban Air staff in front of new location

Where to Open Your Urban Air

Choosing the perfect market for your business is one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make on your journey to franchise ownership. Urban Air Adventure Parks can be owned locally or remotely, giving potential owners tons of territories to pick from.

If you’re not sure which territory is right for you, consider market factors and think about what type of Urban Air owner you’d like to be.

Consider market factors

A number of market factors might influence your decision to invest in one territory or another. Take a look at these elements of franchise ownership to narrow down your options.

  • Available territories: First and foremost, explore the territories your ideal franchise has available. You might have your heart set on one city, but if that territory is already taken, you might need to look elsewhere. Fortunately, Urban Air has ample opportunities in major metropolitan centers across the nation like Oklahoma City, Cincinnati, Seattle, Chicago, and Detroit, to name a few! Not to mention, 50 percent of Urban Air franchisees are remote owners, meaning they own a park (or parks) in an area where they do not have permanent residence, so many times entrepreneurs look at nationwide availability with Urban Air and not just within their current community.
  • Market costs: Investing in and operating an Urban Air Adventure Park might cost more or less, depending on the market you choose. Look into the average incomes, building rent or sale prices, tax rates and other financial stats for a few markets you’re interested in.
  • Future growth: Urban Air has conducted ample research to determine viable markets with demographics fitting our business model. However, you can go a step further and look into a market’s expected growth. Things like a growing population often indicate a strong future economy. Major investments in the area might bolster growth you can capitalize on, too.

Remote operation is possible with Urban Air

After market factors, you’ll need to think about whether you want to open your Urban Air Adventure Park in your hometown or perhaps in another community in your state or region.

Urban Air gives owners the choice to operate their businesses remotely, meaning you have plenty of options! Don’t forget: 50 percent of Urban Air owners are remote! If you became interested in Urban Air because of your local Park experience, you can look at opening your park in a territory not already being served by a current park and franchisee.

Our remote owners are typically more investment-minded and focused on providing the capital and expertise needed to grow a thriving business. They still visit their parks but are unable to drop by anytime because of distance. They are also more likely to own multiple parks in different states.

Other owners are interested in opening an Urban Air in their own community as a way to give back, so they choose a territory close to home. These owners benefit from personal experience in the market and hyperlocal business connections. They’re able to spend more time in person at the park and play a more hands-on role in the business.

The choice between local and remote ownership will ultimately come down to the type of park owner you want to be. Do you want to be able to pop in regularly? Or, are you comfortable operating the business from afar, with less frequent visits in person?

Urban Air has open territories across the nation

Interested in opening an Urban Air Adventure Park of your own? You’re in luck! Urban Air has available territories in most states across the country. Each territory is protected, meaning no two parks will compete against each other in the same city. We’ve vetted each and every market to ensure there’s a viable customer base and that your park is well-positioned for success.

Once you’ve considered your ideal Urban Air market, fill out our contact form to get in touch with an Urban Air representative. We will get you started on your journey toward joining our innovative, family-focused and successful team!