Warrior Course at Urban Air

The Value of Active Play at Urban Air Adventure Park

Many aspiring franchisees don’t only want to make a profit—they also want to make a difference in their communities. By investing in Urban Air Adventure Park, you’ll also be investing in the health and happiness of your community.

Our family entertainment centers contain all kinds of attractions that encourage kids to step away from screens and enjoy some healthy, active play. Check out some of the top reasons why active play is so beneficial for kids of all ages.

Promoting physical health

It’s no secret that active entertainment plays a critical role in the physical health of adults and kids alike. The attractions at Urban Air Adventure Park encourage kids to run, jump, slide, climb, crawl and so much more.

Active play is crucial for physical development in kids. It helps them develop things like coordination, motor skills and balance, just to name a few. Our innovative play areas like ball pits, basketball and warrior courses encourage kids to love physical activity from a young age—it’s a healthy habit they are sure to take with them as they grow!

Stimulating minds

Active play doesn’t only make kids’ bodies healthier; it also stimulates their growing brains. Scientific studies have shown that play can improve both memory and focus in children. As their brains are rapidly developing, self-directed play allows kids to explore decision-making and reasoning skills. It also helps them pay attention, remember experiences and develop motor skills.

Whether our kids are playing with their friends, new acquaintances or their parents, engaging in active play is the best way to explore the world around them. The Urban Air Adventure Park atmosphere sets the stage for exploration to happen!

Healthy socialization

At Urban Air, we’re all about having fun in a collective way. Whether you’re a franchise owner or one of our youngest guests, you’re part of the family! We know that active play takes a starring role in building social skills in kids. At our locations, kids can jump, race, climb and run together.

We also offer cooperative play experiences, like go-karts, laser tag and mini golf, that teach kids to negotiate group dynamics. Through play, kids learn how to create and maintain lasting friendships as well as interact with new people. Urban Air centers provide a fun venue for socialization, helping kids and families make new friends and memories that last a lifetime.

Fostering creativity

At Urban Air Adventure Park, we encourage kids to let their imaginations run wild and to dream BIG! Our attractions give kids a chance to express themselves to the fullest—they create their own experiences as they explore our engaging activities.

We provide kids with fun challenges throughout our parks and encourage them to come up with creative solutions to any obstacle they may face. Whether it’s a balance beam or a ropes course, it’s all about gaining the confidence to solve problems. Our play options prepare the next generation of innovators!

A break from screens

Active play also offers a much-needed break from screens for families. This is a feature of our centers that parents especially appreciate! Phones and computers dominate our everyday lives, but it’s not healthy for children to spend the entire day in front of screens.

Our attractions keep kids engaged without screens—it’s just our attractions, their bodies and their imagination! This break from screen time while jumping, climbing and enjoying all of our exciting attractions is great for the body, mind and soul.

Invest in adventure for your community

While Urban Air is all about fun, at the end of the day, we’re a business with a purpose—to impact the lives of people across the nation. We provide innovative opportunities for engaging play that kids can’t find anywhere else, all while rewarding our franchisees for their hard work.

Interested in becoming a part of the Urban Air adventure? Contact us today to learn about our franchising opportunities. We’ll help you bring joy to your community!