Child having fun at Urban Air

Winter Weather Can’t Stop Play at Urban Air!

In many parts of the United States, winter weather can put a damper on kids’ fun. Rain, sleet, snow, and ice can quickly change smiles into frowns. Thankfully, families across the nation still have a place to go to have fun: Urban Air Adventure Parks.

One of the best parts about the Urban Air model is the joy it brings all year long. When the weather isn’t friendly, Urban Air locations are still open to provide children a safe and fun place to play.

Kids come to play, rain or shine

Around this time of year, the weather becomes unpredictable and unpleasant. At the same time, kids are home more because of holiday breaks from school. This combination is a recipe for antsy children and frazzled parents.

Moms and dads are eager to get kids out of the house during winter, but it’s not as easy as encouraging them to play in the backyard! When cold and frost nips at fingers and toes, outdoor play becomes dangerous. Kids need an outlet indoors, where they are both safe and free to let out their pent-up energy.

Urban Air is the perfect place for families to visit during the winter season! All our attractions are indoors in heated, well-ventilated buildings, so kids stay safe and warm. And, between our many attractions like trampolines, rock walls and indoor skydiving, children have ample space to run, jump and play. Our young visitors leave Urban Air happy and sleepy after a few hours of activity!

Our adventure parks are also a great pick for families who want to stay active over the colder months. When kids are off from school and don’t have gym class or sports, they need a replacement activity. Parents don’t need to worry about their kids sitting in front of a TV or video games for hours each day. When they visit Urban Air, they’re exercising and enjoying all the benefits of movement and stimulation.

Ans, don’t forget health safety too. Our attractions are opportunities for kids to really let it all out in a safe environment. Bouncing, running, jumping, diving, sliding and all forms of movement are happening all over the park. We’re also committed to illness prevention with constant disinfection, cleaning, access to sanitizer, clean bathrooms, and other health and wellness needs of our guests.

What this means for Urban Air owners

Children and their families aren’t the only ones who benefit from Urban Air, either! Our business model creates a boon for franchise owners.

  • Year-round revenue: Urban Air is a great place to play, no matter what the weather is like outside! Our business isn’t dependent on seasonal spikes because kids always need and want active play and entertainment. Winter is a great time to own an Urban Air Adventure Park because families are seeking an engaging escape from the cold. However, Urban Air is also great during summer, when we help families beat the heat. Rain, shine, snow, or humidity, Urban Air franchisees know there will be demand all year long.
  • Marketing opportunities: Franchise owners can use inclement weather and seasonal changes to their advantage through marketing. Let parents in your area know you understand their seasonal struggles and encourage them to bring the family to Urban Air to blow off some steam. Seasonal and hyperlocal marketing strategies help the community know you’re in tune to their needs.
  • Added satisfaction: We know that Urban Air owners care about kids and their communities. Giving families the opportunity to enjoy year-round play can provide immense pride! Take satisfaction in the fact that your park is your community’s local outlet, no matter the season.

Unlike the weather, Urban Air’s business model is predictable and successful. Whether this will be your first franchise or one of many in your portfolio, learn more about what our family entertainment business opportunity can offer you. Contact us to request more information today!