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Investing in Urban Air Is an Investment in the Lives of Your Community’s Kids

Children are the future, and many entrepreneurs want to make a positive impact on young lives in their community. Opening an Urban Air Adventure Park is an amazing opportunity to do something good for kids right in your backyard.

Urban Air franchisees provide kids with a safe and innovative place to play as well as a valuable source of employment for young adults. We are on a mission to provide amazing benefits to some of the youngest members of our communities. Here are just a few ways to make a difference while you make a profit with Urban Air.

Active play for growing kids

Nothing stimulates young minds quite like innovative play, and there’s no shortage of fun to be had at every Urban Air location. From indoor skydiving and mini golf to climbing walls and trampolines, kids can’t resist burning off energy at our adventure parks. Active play provides so many benefits for kids, including stimulating the brain, developing strength and coordination and even fostering creativity. Our parks are a blank slate for young minds to let loose and enjoy freedom and healthy movement.

Every parent knows that it’s hard to pull kids away from screens these days—there’s so much entertainment right at your fingertips, and it’s all too easy for kids to spend their free time on the couch in front of the TV, tablet or phone. When kids visit an Urban Air Adventure Park, they get a much-needed break from screens. Our indoor adventures get kids excited about movement, exploration and innovation, and they provide a unique social setting with cooperative play experiences.

Local employment

Teenagers and young adults also benefit from Urban Air in their communities as a place for employment. It takes a passionate team to provide amazing experiences at every Urban Air franchise. As an owner, you’ll need friendly people at the snack bar, attentive staff to ensure safety at each attraction and even dedicated team members to keep the facility clean. Working a job is a great way to teach young adults about teamwork, responsibility, customer service, and the value of money.

Dedication to community youth

For some franchisees, opening an Urban Air location is their first foray into entrepreneurship. For many others, though, an Urban Air franchise is part of a larger portfolio of youth-minded businesses. Our franchisees are completely dedicated to kids—some of our investors own daycares, preschools, art centers and many other types of businesses that promote the growth of healthy, happy children. We love to work with people who love kids just as much as we do. An Urban Air franchise is a great way to diversify your portfolio and further commit yourself to improving the lives of kids in your community.

Urban Air owners come from a wide range of backgrounds, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re committed to improving the lives of children in their communities. Want to become part of the Urban Air family? Contact us today to learn more about our franchising opportunities and how you can make a positive impact on young lives in your area!