Urban Air External Building

Take Advantage of Unique Real Estate Opportunities for Your New Franchise

Are you thinking about jumping into the world of entrepreneurship with your own Urban Air Adventure Park franchise? Many of our new franchisees are excited to put their own personal stamp on their investment by building an Urban Air location from scratch. Some of our most innovative owners, though, will choose to reinvent some of the commercial spaces in their areas.

At Urban Air, innovation and creativity are our guiding principles—we love when our franchisees can turn a neglected space into something exciting and new. Here are just some of the reasons why converting a vacant commercial space into an Urban Air location can benefit not just you, but your entire community.

Transform blighted property

Urban blight is a major problem in many communities around the country. Vacant structures can become a major eyesore due to overall neglect, not to mention the untapped opportunity of a potential space to do something that stimulates the economy and fosters community growth.

When you transform a vacant property into an Urban Air Adventure Park, you breathe new life into your community as a whole. Urban Air franchises are bursting with color, energy, movement and excitement. Parents and kids alike associate our locations with one word—fun! Turning an eyesore into a hub of activity and innovation is something the entire community can rally around, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Save money on real estate

One of the major benefits to renovating an existing commercial space is potential cost savings as opposed to green fields/undeveloped property. In some instances, vacant properties are available at a lesser or more competitive cost because the property owner wants to fill the space. When you choose to open an Urban Air, our site selection team, real estate master broker and multiple other experts will support you all along the way in terms of site reviews, lease or purchase negotiations, and much more to ensure you have plenty of room to contain all the action-packed attractions Urban Air has to offer.

Increase pride of ownership

What better way to create a personal legacy in your community than by turning an eyesore into a beautiful space for people of all ages to enjoy? There’s great joy and pleasure in knowing that you’ve turned an empty building into a vibrant place for kids and adults alike to play and explore. On top of that, you’ll be doing it while making a profit. You can invest in the community and in yourself at the same time—everyone wins.

Transforming a vacant commercial space improves life in your community as a whole. Not only will you beautify the area, but you’ll also provide valuable tax revenue to improve your city. Best of all, you’ll give kids an exciting way to interact with others in an active environment.

Are you ready to make your mark on your community and become a part of the Urban Air adventure at the same time? Contact us today to learn more about our franchising opportunities!