Urban Air Redefines Play

Urban Air franchisees are a special type of business owner. While the goal of every business is to turn a profit, our innovative entrepreneurs want something more out of their investment—they want to change the lives of kids through next-level play!

Urban Air’s incredible combination of innovation and safety helps change the meaning of the wordplay itself. Here’s how you can help offer a totally unique experience to today’s youth.

Innovative Experiences for Every Kid

Too many people think playing in the 21st century involves sitting in front of a screen. However, one visit to Urban Air Adventure Park helps kids experience true next-level play, impacting their perspective on what it means to have fun and enjoy life.

We provide kids with opportunities to get up and get moving, stimulating them to engage in active play that involves running, jumping, swinging, dodging, crouching, and letting them test the limits of what they’re able to do. A day in our parks gives kids a chance to build strength, develop coordination, stimulate their brains and make connections with other kids, all while burning off energy and having tons of fun!

Each Urban Air location redefines play by providing kids with amazing attractions they just can’t find anywhere else. While other jumping parks have trampolines, they probably don’t have indoor skydiving or a Warrior Course!

There are so many unique experiences our visitors can have when they spend a day at our park, such as:

  • Sky Rider Indoor Coaster
  • Go-Karts
  • Indoor Skydiving
  • Warrior Course
  • Ropes Course
  • Mini-Golf
  • Battle Beam

We’ve got all that, and we’re not done innovating yet! Urban Air Adventure Park is constantly creating brand-new, action-packed experiences that families can’t resist. They know that they’re in for a unique experience every time they walk through the doors. It’s our innovation and unique attractions that get them excited to come back for more.

Safety Is Everything

In today’s world, active play isn’t always easy to achieve because of so many distractions and safety concerns. While our parks are designed to let kids explore, collaborate and let loose, safety is always our number one priority. Urban Air is proud to have one of the lowest incident rates of any business in our industry, and we provide constant training to our franchisees to ensure you have the tools to keep our young guests safe on every visit.

Parents appreciate our complete dedication to the safety of their kids. Our franchisees find that our parks are a great alternative to playing outside near traffic or other dangers. Instead, they can engage in active play in our safe, supervised and friendly environment. Every attraction is supervised by a highly trained staff member who knows how to respond to any situation, promoting the well-being of every child who plays at our parks.

We also know that safety goes beyond giving kids a soft surface to land on. We promote the health of all our visitors with rigorous sanitizing protocols. Our response to the global pandemic has made the safe play possible, and we’re continuing to implement these health and safety measures at every location across the country. Urban Air offers kids and parents alike clean, sanitized surfaces, purified air, and other sanitary safeguards to ensure a positive experience each and every time.

Help Redefine Play in Your Hometown

Are you ready to invest in innovation, excitement, and healthy play? We want to learn more about you! Whenever you’re ready to start the discovery process, we’ll walk you through what it takes to open an Urban Air location of your own. Contact us today to learn more about our franchising opportunities and play a role in taking the definition of “play” to the next level!