The Major Benefits of Urban Air Ownership

Are you interested in investing in a business opportunity that’s engaging and unique? As adventure park locations continue to open across the United States—and globally in the near future—more and more adventurous entrepreneurs are looking to invest in the Urban Air experience.

While businesses exist to make a profit and support the livelihood of owners and employees, there are many more benefits to expect when you join our franchise system. Here are just a few of the reasons why investing in Urban Air is an amazing opportunity.

Unique Attractions

Urban Air is the place for next-level play, with attractions that can only be found at our adventure parks. Where else can you find indoor skydiving, go-karts, a ropes course, and our latest and greatest feature—the Urban Air Sky Rider Indoor Coaster?

Not only do our attractions make our parks a total win for kids—but they also provide a barrier for entry when it comes to competitors. Our franchisees realize that kids can’t resist us, and competitors can’t keep up!

Make a Difference

What better way to make a mark on your community than by giving back to its youngest residents? Urban Air Adventure Parks provide a safe and healthy space for kids to engage in active play.

You’ll quickly find that the Urban Air environment is a great catalyst that inspires kids to get up and move, work together and even develop strength and coordination. We believe that investing in the health, well-being, and happiness of children makes a big difference, and our franchisees play a starring role.

Multiple Revenue Opportunities

Put simply, our franchisees know that Urban Air locations make money. We offer attractions-based pricing, providing a great way for customers to get exactly what they want from each visit. Urban Air is a prime location for unforgettable birthday parties, staycations, special rewards, and more–and profit-generating opportunities too.

Franchisees are able to generate recurring revenue with the Urban Air ‘Endless Play’ membership program. Membership programs also foster brand loyalty and long-term connections with park-goers.

Every Urban Air Adventure Park offers an easy-to-execute, state-of-the-art, fast-casual café right in the park, which is a good thing since Urban Air customers spend an average of 3+ hours in the park for each visit! Kids are going to need some food and drinks as they have fun and burn off energy, and our franchisees know how effective an in-park restaurant can be at boosting the bottom line.

Consistent Support

From the discovery process through day-to-day operations, the Urban Air team is always here to help our franchisees. Franchisees are fully trained to represent the Urban Air brand, setting you up for success from opening day and beyond.

To support your bottom line, we constantly use insights about our guests to identify how to market your location, and we leverage an exceptional marketing platform that has direct results on your success. Trust that you’re in great hands!

Ready to Learn More?

At Urban Air, we’re all about being innovative and unique. If you’re ready to give kids a fun, safe, and memorable experience and make a great living while doing so, we’d love to make you a part of the Urban Air team. Contact us today to learn more about our franchising opportunities and the amazing benefits you’ll discover when you open a location of your own.